Parent organizer with contents front
Parent organizer open from above with contents
Parent Organizer closed
Parent organizer on the switchback handle
Parent organizer on the switchback back
Parent organizer on the side of the switchback handle
Parent organizer on the Cruiser handle
Parent organizer on the side of the Cruiser


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Veer's organizer is exactly what you need. It attaches securely to any Cruiser, Switchback seat and the &Roll and &Jog frames to provide accessible and secure storage space for storing essentials. It has room for baby bottles, sippy cups, wipes, diapers, cell phones, keys or whatever you need to keep handy.

More comfort on the go

- Versatile storage: With a combination of insulated bottle holders, a lockable compartment and elastic mesh pockets.
- High-quality materials: Made from water-repellent fabrics and durable elastic mesh.
- Easy to clean: Simply hose down with a garden hose, ideal for outdoor use.
- Easy access: A zippered lid compartment folds back to give you quick access to your belongings.

Compatible with all Veer products

Save yourself the hassle of repacking by attaching the organizer in a variety of ways:
- On the sides or handles: Suitable for Cruiser, Cruiser XL, Switchback &Jog and &Roll models.
- On the back of the Switchback seat: Ideal when cycling with the &Bike adapter or camping with the &Chill adapter.