We are inspired by the stories of parents who awaken wildness in their children through imagination, exploration and connection with nature.

365 Conor Baxter

Fastest man in Stand Up Paddle Boarding, World Championship gold medalist and now Connor Baxter has a new title... father. He hopes his son learns to "always respect nature and use it to have fun" as they begin to adventure together as a family.

Trestle is still a toddler and mostly spends his time on land while mom and dad take turns surfing the waves, but veer has already made their beach days easier. "You can load up the Cruiser with your child and use it anywhere from the mountains to the beach," says Connor. "It fits our lifestyle perfectly. Veer is the one-stop store for all your adventure needs."

365 Cameron Kirkonnell

After chasing a 282-pound yellowfin tuna in open waters, taking the lead on the USA spearfishing team and breaking 18 world records, Cameron Kirkconnell has more than earned the nickname of "Master Mariner." He lives for adventure...and for sharing those experiences with his children.

"Anyone who has kids knows there's nothing like sharing what you love with them and watching them start to love every part of it, too, is incomparable."