Veer Cruiser

Veer Cruisers are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure safety.
The Veer Cruiser is the first in its class to meet all ASTM safety standards for strollers and is JPMA certified.
Veer Cruisers feature a safety parking brake and the seats are equipped with a 5-point harness for both passengers.

The Veer Cruiser is designed for use over a long period of time. It offers growing families a safe and fun ride for up to two passengers ages 0-5+.
Most common models of infant car seats can be attached with an adapter (sold separately), so even the youngest family members can enjoy the ride along with their older siblings.
An infant seat is available for toddlers (ranging from 6-18 months depending on size) who are out of a car seat and may need more support.

The Veer Cruiser has all the premium materials and features you need, but weighs less than most double strollers at 14.7 kg.

The Veer Cruiser is designed to fold up and fit into a small trunk. You can easily fold down the backrests, side panels and handle for easy transport or storage. To make your Cruiser even more compact, the wheels can be removed and the footwell compressed.

Yes, you can fold down the seat backs, side panels and handle to easily store the cruiser in a small trunk or stand it upright to conveniently store it in a closet or the corner of a garage.
To make your cruiser even more compact, the wheels can be removed and the footwell compressed.

Veer cruisers and accessories are designed at Veer's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and manufactured at one of the most demanding children's mobility manufacturers in China under strict quality control measures.

The Veer Cruiser is designed to get dirty and be easily cleaned afterwards. Please read the instructions for further instructions.

The rear wheel axle is the best place to secure the Veer Cruiser to a fixed object with a chain lock. Keep in mind, however, that many parts can be removed with the push of a button, such as the rear wheels.

Officially, each of the two seats is approved and tested for up to 25kg. On the Cruiser you will also find information that the seats may only be loaded with 15kg each. This refers to the safety belts and thus to the stroller approval of the Cruiser.
If there are no children in the Cruiser, it can be loaded with a total of 115kg.

The sun canopy is suitable for children with a height of up to 114cm. Please note that this size specification is always dependent on the size ratio of the upper body to the legs.

In principle, the removal of the straps is not intended for the Veer Cruiser, as they are an integral part of the safety concept. We therefore recommend using the straps. However, it is possible to remove the straps, but you have to unscrew the backrest at your own risk in order to unthread the internal strap loops.

Veer is designed for comfort and traction on any terrain, including the beach and snow. The large, rugged and unflat tires and pivoting front wheels with suspension (equipped with low-friction bearings and suspension) allow you to drive anywhere through the terrain.

The Veer Cruiser cannot be taken into the cabin due to its size, however it can be checked in as a stroller and does not have to be checked in as bulky luggage. We recommend using the separately available carry bag for this purpose. The Veer Cruiser is perfect for air travel with the family. Whether it's two kids or a lot of carry-on luggage, everything fits in the Cruiser. The carrying bag for the Veer Cruiser is the perfect accessory. Because it is well padded and made of sturdy nylon, the Cruiser is optimally protected when it is checked in at the gate. Simply stand the cruiser upright, let the bag slide down from the top and attach it to the cruiser with the Velcro straps at the bottom. The carry bag is large enough to hold the cruiser, cup holders and dining table. The Veer Cruiser weighs 14.7kg and the bag 1.25kg.

No, the Cruiser is made for a baby car seat in combination with the adapter.

Veer Switchback

No, both racks can be folded with the switchback seat.

The switchback seat adjusts to an almost flat position.
This final reclining position is designed to allow comfortable resting. In this position, the calf support can be extended to match the angle of the seat bottom, or to a level with the floor, whichever is most comfortable for your baby or toddler.

Yes, this is possible. You can attach a switchback seat (using the Cruiser switchback seat adapter) to the Cruiser at the same time as your infant carrier (using the car seat adapter).

Yes, the Switchback Seat is designed to be mounted on both the &Roll and &Jog frames facing forward or rearward. It can also be mounted on the Veer Cruiser (using the Cruiser Adapter for the Switchback Seat) in either direction.

The Switchback system is designed to be modular and meet your family's needs for many years to come. All Switchback accessories (except the Duo adapter for the second seat) are compatible with the &Roll and &Jog frames.

The Switchback is made to get dirty. One of the best features of the Switchback system is that it is designed to get dirty during everyday adventures and can be easily cleaned afterwards.

All textiles are machine washable.

All frames are designed to be washed down with a garden hose.

No. The &Jog frame is designed to accommodate a switchback seat, infant carrier or bassinet.
If your family needs a frame that can accommodate two seats, we recommend the &Roll frame.
Some parents buy a typical 3-wheeled jogger because they are considered more all-terrain. While this is generally true, our four-wheeled &Roll frame is specifically designed to be all-terrain with its various shock absorption features and oversized tires. So if you're not necessarily jogging or running and have or are expecting two kids, the &Roll frame may be a better choice for you.

The Switch&Roll (i.e. one or two Switchback seats on the &Roll frame) has a maximum capacity of 22kg on the upper seat and 22kg on the lower seat. The Switch&Jog (the switchback seat on the &Jog frame) has a maximum capacity of 22kg with its single seat.

The &Roll frame can accommodate up to two seats with the Duo adapter. You can then use one Switchback seat and one infant carrier or two Switchback seats or two infant carriers. For each infant carrier used, you will need the car seat adapter for the Switchback. A Veer carrycot can also be used at the same time as the Switchback seat or an infant carrier. The &Jog frame accommodates one seat, which can be a Switchback seat, an infant carrier with the appropriate car seat adapter for the Switchback, or a Veer carrycot.

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