Veer Switchback

The novelty from the USA

Stand out from the rest - You've probably never seen an all-rounder like the Veer Switchback.

Here everything revolves around the seat. Connects it with just one click to the various Veer frames and adapters. No more countless different products! Here, the Switchback system alone is enough - with only one seat.

1st step:

Discover the Switchback seat

Switchback seat


Easily connect the Switchback seat to the wide range of frames: Walk, jog, bike or just chill.
We can't wait to get you to your destination.

Step 2

Choose the right frame - or several

Stroller frame


From urban to rural, exploring and strolling becomes a playful adventure with the stroller frame.
Put on your car seat, Switchback seat or bassinet (sold separately) to get going from birth.

Jogger frame


If running tracks and hilly slopes are your thing, our jogger frame will sweep through them with ease. For walking with the carrycot or infant carrier from birth or jogging with the Switchback seat from 6+ months.

Bicycle adapter


A bike tour is the best way to spark your kids' imagination. That's why, with the help of our adapter, we've turned the Switchback seat into a bike seat.

Camping chair


Let your newborn or toddler relax easily by turning the Switchback seat into a camping chair that can be taken anywhere.

You would like to have your Switchback in another color?

No problem at all! Design your Switchback differently every day according to your mood. With our Color Kits, you can easily change the color of your Switchback seat.
Also, click through our selection of other accessories:

Too much choice?

Finding the perfect choice has never been easier! Browse through our pre-made Switchback sets and make your choice easier amidst the many options. Discover sets that have been carefully crafted to meet your needs.

Newborn set

With the newborn kit, you'll be using your Switchback from day 1:
It includes a Switchback seat, your choice of &Roll stroller frame or &Jog jogger frame, toddler insert, bassinet, car seat adapters, rain cover and cup holder kit.

To the newborn set

Sibling set

Even with two children relaxed on the road with the sibling set:
It includes two Switchback seats, a &Roll stroller frame, Duo extension adapters and a cup holder set.

To the sibling set


With the All-in-Set you have everything you need with a child:
It includes a Switchback seat, a bassinet, a &Roll stroller frame or a &Jog jogger frame depending on your choice, a &Chill camping chair, car seat adapters, a travel bag, a rain cover, a cup holder set, a toddler insert and a dining table.

To the all-in set


No, both racks can be folded with the switchback seat.

The Switchback seat can be adjusted to an almost flat position.
This final recline position has been developed to allow comfortable resting. In this position, the calf support can be extended to match the angle of the seat bottom or to a level with the floor, depending on what is most comfortable for your baby or toddler.

Yes, the Switchback Seat is designed to be mounted on both the &Roll and &Jog frames facing forward or rearward. It can also be mounted on the Veer Cruiser (using the Cruiser Adapter for the Switchback Seat) in either direction.

The Switch&Roll (i.e. one or two Switchback seats on the &Roll frame) has a maximum capacity of 22kg on the upper seat and 22kg on the lower seat. The Switch&Jog (the switchback seat on the &Jog frame) has a maximum capacity of 22kg with its single seat.