Passion, innovation and a sense of adventure are at the heart of veer.

Our Story

A father of two, Andrew Bowman watched parents tirelessly push their tired babies and toddlers up and down hilly and uneven terrain as they took their children to the sports field.

Andrew realized there had to be a better, easier way for parents to transport their children over difficult terrain. So Andrew quit his well-paying job in the stroller industry and set to work reinventing the familiar stroller. To do this, he assembled a team of experienced engineers, marketing and sales professionals, all driven by the same vision.

The development was not just about a different form of mobility. It was about bringing the spirit of adventure and fun with the family to the fore.

Detached from everything known, Andrew and his team developed a new type of all-terrain stroller, tested according to all safety criteria, to accompany families on every trip. Veer was born.
With Veer, families go on new adventures and discover nature from a different side. In the urban jungle, Veer maneuvers with ease and style, accompanying families through the day. Developed and designed in the USA, Andrew and his team are now gradually taking the veer movement around the world and are already working on more new products to accompany families on their adventures.

Let's get started!