Veer Cruiser

Experience your personal adventure - every day

not a normal handcart
This is the Veer Cruiser
  • Be on the road regardless of weather and surface (e.g. sand or snow) thanks to the all-terrain tires with suspension.
  • Pulling, pushing, turning - all possible with the height-adjustable handlebar.
  • Robust workmanship & easy to clean thanks to water-, dirt- and light-resistant materials.
  • Grows with you: Whether one or more children, here you will find space from birth - lying or sitting.
  • Provides plenty of space & storage with expandable luggage pocket.
In wind and weather
Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter? Doesn't matter!

Thanks to the lambskin insert and sun canopy, the Veer Cruiser is ready for use in any season and any temperature.

Fold it up

Fold up the side panels and the push bar and just put it in the trunk. Still not enough? Still take off the wheels - simply at the touch of a button.

Bring color into everyday life

With the colored side panels and various covers, you decide how your Cruiser should look - from plain to colorful.

5 years warranty

The Veer Cruiser comes with a voluntary warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Register your Veer Cruiser to get 3 more years of warranty and extend it to a total of 5 years!

Veer quality
  • Comfort front suspension
  • Aluminum frame with robot welds
  • Large, robust tires with knobs
  • Mud flaps on the rear wheels
  • Can be easily sprayed with the hose
  • Ergonomically shaped seats with ventilation holes
  • Robust water, dirt and light resistant fabric sidewalls
Certified according to stroller standard

Safety first, even on wild adventures. That's why the Veer Cruiser complies with EN-1888, ASTM safety standards and is JPMA certified. Further safety elements in handling are:

- Space for two children with 5-point safety harnesses
- One-touch foot brake
- Handle with non-slip and comfortable feel

It grows with you


Babies & Toddlers

Infants & Children

Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart
Veer Cruiser Handcart

Veer Cruiser Handcart

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  • 30 days return policy

included in the scope of delivery:

    - Veer Cruiser
    - 2 cup holders
    - Dining table
    - Instructions for use

Our customers love their Veer Cruiser



It practically replaced our stroller and made going to the beach with a 9 month old baby (and everything needed) a breeze!

Ashlee Morris


It changes everything when it comes to exploring nature without having to worry about the stroller not being able to steer.



Not only does our child LOVE her new Veer, so does our puppy! He's everything I've always dreamed he would be. We call it the Cadillac of strollers.

Ashley Kilpatrick

Featured in

The Cruiser was named the best handcart of 2024

It can replace a sibling baby carriage, act as a super baby carriage on any terrain and transport a whole family's equipment as well as a car seat for small children.

The Cruiser was named best all-terrain handcart 2024

When you hear "handcart" and think of the classic red Radio Fyler box your parents used to cart you around in, think again

The Veer Cruiser is the perfect travel companion for families with small children.


Veer Cruiser are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure safety.
The Veer Cruiser is the first in its class to meet all ASTM safety standards for strollers and is JPMA certified.
The Veer Cruiser have a safety parking brake and the seats are equipped with a 5-point harness for both passengers.

The Veer Cruiser is designed to be used over a long period of time. It offers growing families a safe and fun ride for up to two passengers aged 0 to 5+ years.
Most popular models of child car seats can be fitted with an adapter (sold separately) so that even the youngest family members can enjoy the ride together with their older siblings.
A toddler seat is available for infants (depending on size in the 6-18 month range) who are no longer in a child car seat and may need more support.

The Veer Cruiser is designed to be foldable and fit into a small car trunk. You can simply fold down the backrests, side sections and handle for easy transportation or storage. To make your Cruiser even more compact, the wheels can be removed and the footwell can be compressed.

Yes, you can fold down the backrests, side panels and handle to easily stow the Cruiser in a small trunk or stand it upright to store it conveniently in a cupboard or the corner of a garage.
To make your Cruiser even more compact, the wheels can be removed and the footwell compressed.

Veer is designed for comfort and traction on any terrain, including the beach and snow. The large, rugged and unflat tires and pivoting front wheels with suspension (equipped with low-friction bearings and suspension) allow you to drive anywhere through the terrain.

Due to its size, the Veer Cruiser cannot be taken into the cabin, but it can be checked in as a baby carriage and does not have to be checked in as bulky baggage. We recommend using the separately available transport bag for this purpose. The Veer Cruiser is perfect for family air travel. Whether you have two children or a lot of hand luggage - everything fits in the Cruiser . The carry bag for the Veer Cruiser is the perfect accessory. As it is well padded and made of robust nylon, the Cruiser is optimally protected when it is checked in at the gate. Simply place the Cruiser upright, let the bag slide down from the top and attach it to the Cruiser using the Velcro fasteners at the bottom. The transport bag is large enough for the Cruiser, the cup holders and for the dining table. The Veer Cruiser weighs 14.7 kg and the bag 1.25 kg.